Under 25 Summit

18th February 2018, YMCA.

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How do I get to the festival?

The grand finale of the Under 25 Summit is happening at the YMCA Grounds in Bengaluru. We sincerely suggest taking cabs or using public transport to get to the venue. 

Is there parking available at the venue?


Please use public transport or cabs. Believe us, these alternatives are the best way to avoid a towing situation.

I am over 25, can I still attend the event?

Hell yes! Please remember, Under 25 is not the age, it’s the emotion. Come by for an epic day of good vibes and an energy so electric, it’s going to leave you dizzy.

I do not have a bank account, but would love to come to the Summit. How do I buy my ticket?

Worry not friends, we have tickets available offline as well. Call on 8217774177 and our superhero crew team will get in touch with you.

How can I be a part of the Under 25 Team?

If you resonate with this question, firstly, we’re super grateful. Unfortunately our team for this year’s Summit has been made and we hope to work with you for the upcoming editions, We’ll keep you posted about that.

Is my offline ticket transferable?

Absolutely not guys. If you give your ticket to anyone else, they will not be allowed into the festival. We suggest you turn up, because we are SO going to make it worth it.

What are the timings of the festival?

We begin at 9AM and go on all the way till 8PM. Believe us, the experience will stay with you for FAR longer.

What if I forget my offline ticket at home?

Well, you might have to go back and get it. We need the offline tickets to reconfirm who you are, bring it bring it!

Do I need to carry an ID with me?

YES. Please carry a valid government ID. You’ll need to show.

My question isn’t listed here. What to do?

Sorry guys! Please write to us on team@under25.club with the subject line: Not an FAQ